Annual Report 2017

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Your annual support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee is Powering Big Futures, making a significant impact on our agency and the communities we serve.
• In 2017, BBBS of America named us a national Gold Standard agency, an honor given to 16 of the 300 BBBS affiliates across the U.S. We were the only Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in the state of Tennessee to be recognized in this way.
• In addition to exceeding quality outcomes set for children and families, BBBS-ETN expanded our programs through the launch of Mentor 2.0, an innovative, technology-enriched mentorship opportunity that features college-readiness curriculum.
• I’m excited to say that three Littles are one step closer to making their higher education dreams a reality, thanks to the new Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee Scholarship program, made possible through donors like you.

For all of this, we thank you—our Bigs, leadership, staff, community supporters, caregivers and donors.

In this annual report, we celebrate volunteers, tell the stories of our matches, show the impact of BBBS-ETN programs, and highlight financial and program successes. We also look ahead to the 2018 fiscal year as we strive to serve more children, change more lives, and transform our community—one match at a time.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate the three supporters who became inaugural inductees into the BBBS-ETN Hall of Fame in 2017: William ‘Bill’ Jolly, Alex ‘Bo’ Shafer, and Al Williams. These volunteers have made a transformational impact on Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, and we are forever grateful for their service—and for yours.

We appreciate your continued support and we hope you enjoy this annual report!

Doug Kose, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee


Download the Annual Report PDF.

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Jamie and Daniel Spangler became Bigs in order to give back to the community and serve as a role model for a child. They found out about the opportunity to volunteer as a couples match during orientation and immediately loved the idea. “Being a couples match is perfect for our family,” says Jamie. “Daniel and I love that we are able to hang out with Layne, while spending time with each other as well.” The Spanglers met eight-year-old Layne in March of 2016. “We enjoy everything we do with Layne, and we try to participate in different activities each time,” says Jamie. “Layne is smart, well-mannered, and his grandma has done a great job with him. We just hope he’s able to experience new activities through our friendship.” Layne’s grandmother, Cheryl, says that having positive, adult mentors has been wonderful for him. “Layne, Jamie, and Daniel do so much together that Layne would otherwise not be able to experience—from jeep rides to cheering on the Vols to visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall,” she says. “Layne has taught us how much fun we’re missing out on by having grown kids!” Jamie says. Cheryl is excited about the impact Jamie and Daniel are having on Layne. She says he’s always excited when they call. “Participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is the best thing that’s ever happened to Layne,” Cheryl says.

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