Personalizing Your Personal Page

Thank you for creating a Bowl For Kids’ Sake page – now it’s time to personalize and fundraise!

In minutes, you can customize your page with a photo and a story. Once your personal page is complete, be sure to send emails and post to social media to request donations and to recruit teammates.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your personal page:

  • Add a profile photo. Set your page apart by sharing a photo of your bowling team, you and a mentor in your life, you and your Little, or even an image provided by our agency. People are more inclined to donate to your page when they can “see” what you are raising money for. Need help picking the perfect profile photo? Follow this link for a few from our agency.
  • Include a description. Everyone’s reasons for making a donation are different, and this is your chance to let the world know why BBBS-ETN matters to you. Whether you feel strongly about the work that the agency is doing or you’ve personally benefited from our services, let everyone know why you are raising money for BBBS-ETN! If you’d like to fundraise in honor of one of the children on our waiting list, you can post their photo and bio to your page. Follow this link for stories of Littles on the waiting list.
  • Set a goal. We’ve set a fundraising minimum of $50 per bowler (and $250 per team), but we highly encourage bowlers to aim high and “Make a Match” by raising $1,000 per individual or team. Be sure to indicate your goal on your page.
  • Establish yourself as a team captain. If you are a captain, add it to your personal page so your friends can join your team! Here’s how: login to your page and click the tab “Team”. On that tab you will see the question “Are you a part of a team?”. You will click “Yes, and I am a Team Caption.” Once you hit save, your team’s page will be available for you to edit and personalize. When your team members login, they will click “I’d like to join a team” and will select your name.
  • Share away! A recent study found that bowlers who send emails can raise between 2 and 11 times more than those who do not send emails. Something else to think about: people read emails from their friends and family, even fundraising emails, in greater numbers than they do fundraising emails from organizations. YOU have the power to share your story and make an impact.

Did you know: Bowlers who update their personal pages raise between 7 and 18 times more* than bowlers who do not update their pages! Why? Because including photos and stories helps donors connect with you and with the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee!

Questions? Shoot us an email at!

P.S.- After your page is set up, be sure to check in with your team captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you’re a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here!

*2017 study by Blackbaud CRM Services.


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