Recruiting and Fundraising Tips for BFKS 2018

Thank you for registering for Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2018! In this week’s bowler update, we’ll provide a few details on how to recruit teammates and how to fundraise. Our team is always available to provide resources and answer any questions you might have—just call us at 865.523.9455 or email .


Fundraising and bowling with a team by your side is the best ways to get the most out of Bowl For Kids’ Sake. Working with your team expands your reach, helps keep everyone motivated, and gives you more opportunities to Make a Match! (Every individual or team who raises $1,000 will “Make a Match” between a Big and a Little and support that match for an entire year; we’ll have special incentives and prizes for everyone who accomplishes this.)

Follow these tips to recruit and support your teammates:

  • If you’re a team captain, set a goal to recruit 3-5 participants. Where can you find these teammates? Ask your co-workers and plan to bowl during lunch or after work hours; reach out to members of community organizations; or recruit your friends and family members! Remind your teammates that it’s easy to raise the $50 minimum—plus, with so many dates to choose from, finding a location that works for you and your team will be a breeze!
  • Ask each potential bowler to join your team in person or with a personal message. Most people respond best when asked personally—either in person, or via text or email.
  • Help your teammates register by sending them to to create their own fundraising page. Need help? Check out the “Bowl For Kids’ Sake Registration Guide”. Once your team has created fundraising pages, the captain should sign up for a bowling time.


We get it, asking for money from others can be intimidating. The tips below will make raising the $50 minimum a breeze!

  • Fundraise in honor of a child waiting for a mentor. Who can so no to a kid? Putting a face to BBBS-ETN’s mission helps potential donors understand the impact mentoring makes in the lives of area youth. Remind supporters that kids who have Bigs are more likely to graduate high school and college, less likely to use drugs and alcohol, and they have higher self esteem than their peers. (Did we mention there are more than 100 children waiting for a mentor right now?) Click here for photos and bios of children waiting for a mentor.
  • Build a personalized webpage. Creating your own fundraising page is easy and fun. Bowlers who utilize this tool to raise funds bring in more money and help support more matches between Bigs and Littles! Need tips on how to set up your personal site? We’ve got you covered.
  • Tell your story. Whether asking for a donation or for someone to join your team, your enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Talk about someone who made an impact in your life as a mentor. If you’re a Big Brother or Big Sister, tell donors about the amazing outcomes and personal experiences you’ve had with BBBS-ETN.
  • Make a list. Jot down the names of everyone who may donate to you, and start by reaching out to them. Remember that many companies will match an employee’s contributions to a charity. Ask your HR Director or Office Manager if your company participates in a Company Match program, and encourage your donors to do the same.
  • Set a goal and make a personal donation. Get your fundraising started by making a personal gift, whether it’s $5, $50, or $500. This will show momentum and encourage others to donate as well. Then, decide how much you hope to raise and tell donors your goal. As you get closer to your goal, supporters will want to help you reach it!
  • Say thank you. Let your supporters know how grateful you are. Thank them on social media and in person. Consider sending a handwritten thank you note to everyone who makes a gift to your page. With their help and yours, BBBS-ETN will match 125 marginalized children with a safe and caring mentor!

P.S.- After your fundraising page is set up, be sure to check in with your team captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you are a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here!


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